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Secabo slide extension for LITE and SMART series incl. 38x38cm base plate with beam adapter

Hind ei sisalda transpordikulu Saksamaalt

Tarneaeg kuni 2 nädalat

828.38 (e-poe hind)
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Hulgihind 803.53 795.24 786.96

The Secabo LITE and SMART series can now be converted into a convenient double-plate transfer press with the Secabo slide. The stable slide can be screwed to the transfer press in just a few simple steps. The Slide is based on the well-known Secabo quick-change principle and can be pushed into the respective end positions on the left and right with little effort. The delivery includes a 38x38cm base plate and two beam adapters so that the original base plates of the transfer press can continue to be used. Furthermore, all removable plates in the range fit on the slide. These are available separately and can be fitted and removed in seconds. Available for the transfer presses TC5 LITE, TC7 LITE, TC5 SMART, TC7 SMART, TS7 SMART, THE BEAST and THE BEAST White Toner, excluding Secabo TCC SMART.